1:Quotes of Sad Love

1-If you love me then let me know....if you don't then let me go.

2-" The only one who stares into my eyes is my reflection I need some ones love I need the person staring back into my eyes to show affection"

3-I know you're supposed to keep moving forward but sometimes it hurts to move forward and sometimes i just dont want to anymore

4-I catch myself smiling at times
but then i begin to remember you
and the pain hits me once again

5-You make me feel so
beautiful and ugly
at the same time....
how do you do it?

6-Someone asked if i knew you,
it was sad cause all i could say was, "I used to."

7-I'd be scared too, If I had to live the way you do.

8-Go To Sleep, And Close Your Eyes,
And Dream Of Broken Butterflies
That Tore Their Wings Against A Thorn.
You Know The Pain That They Have Born

9-I'll cry myself to sleep tonight
and pray to god
i live to see tomarow

10-Tell me again did u ever love me?... im dying to know
11-I quit
I give up...
Thats my "thing" isn't it?


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